Hi I’m Tomas Dvorsky

I believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow.

Since I have been active in sport all of my life, I have gained a considerable amount of experience in the field of health and fitness and learned a lot about how the body works. When I was 7 years old I began practicing karate and later went on to represent my country in the sport. I also played soccer for 14 years. As a result of this early training combined with a regular exercise regime over the past 8 years, my current physical health and fitness is at very high level.When I was in college, I had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of work experience. In my first year, I was an assistant to a physio in the Physiotherapy Clinic Beaumont and in the second year, I went on to work with a physiotherapist in the UCFL Rep Team Dublin in soccer. In both cases I faced different conditions and injuries which helped me to expand and develop my knowledge in the area of sport and health. In my last year of study, I had the privilege of being honoured with the award of ‘’Achiever of the Year’, something which I feel highlights my passion and dedication in this field. Currently I am studying degree in Physical Therapy which is for me expanding in deeper sense how to treat body effectively with the right procedures.

The mind and the body are intelligent systems and a balance of both is needed for human beings to function at an optimum level. If you want to be happy, healthy and balanced in every area of your life, then I can develop a programme specifically for you which is tailored to your individual needs. I provide comprehensive consultations which help bring your awareness to any imbalances in your body/mind.

With a balanced body and mind, you can gain the clarity necessary to find your direction in life, fulfill your goals and deal with everyday obstacles more effectively.

It is my belief that in a healthy body resides a healthy soul.

Be able to find your happiness and enjoyment of every day with conscious living.