Life Transformation Programme

I provide comprehensive consultations which help bring your awareness to any imbalances in your body/mind.

Based on this initial assessment, i can then provide a figure analysis, a massage treatment programme (whether for stress relief, a body- detox or to address specific conditions/ problem areas), a detailed exercise programme and a complete nutritional regime, as well as positive psychology techniques to address any thoughts or beliefs which may be hindering your progress.

A transformation programme is available for any person. If you feel like your life is in a state of imbalance or confusion, let me explore your life and together we can break those negative cycles and build a foundation for real positive change
It consists four 4 hours sessions over period of 4 weeks which will transform your life and move your direction forward.

  • 2 hours of comprehensive consultation
  • 6 hours of massage
  • 30 minutes of breathing techniques
  • 30 minutes of stretching for ADL
  • 30 minutes meditation
  • 2 hours exercise
  • 30 minutes Posture Analysis and FMS
  • 2 hour of Stress Management and coping strategies
  • 4 weeks Exercise and Nutrition programme
  • 1 hour Power of mind
  • 1 hour Goal setting and how to reach them

Sport Nutrition Programme

Well balanced 4 weeks nutritional plan specifically for your needs. I will create tailor made diet plan based on food you like/dislike to eat, your health condition and sport you do.

Exercise programme

6 weeks exercise programme for beginners, intermediate and advanced level, which will transform your body and mind. Balanced exercise program that fits your lifestyle and improves your health.

Personal Training

Well-structured personal training with focus on your goals and specific needs. My training will improve your overall physical and mental health.


Presentation about physical and mental health which will rise your awareness and thus you can make actions to improve your overall life.

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